Taking a chance on motorcycle safety
News from The Durango Herald:

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Southwest Colorado is a popular destination for motorcyclists, and many novices find the mountainous terrain a challenge. The state does not require helmet use, but statistics indicate riders who use them have a better chance of avoiding death in accidents.

A week ago, a 59-year-old Arizona man lost control of his Suzuki motorcycle on Red Mountain Pass and went off the highway. He was not wearing a helmet. He was killed.

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Motorcycle safety tips for riders and drivers
News from WFSB:


There have been two fatal and one serious motorcycle accident all within 24 hours of each other throughout the state. 

In the wake of these accidents, Eyewitness News spoke to an expert to get tips on motorcycle safety

Summer weather brings more motorcyclists out riding and that means both riders and drivers have to do their part so everyone stays safe. 

Leftover debris and a shoe remained at a motorcycle accident site on Saturday afternoon in Hamden. The crash happened at the corner of Whitney Ave. and Lincoln Street. There is still no word on the injuries sustained in this crash. 

Just hours before, a fatal motorcycle accident happened in New London. Police said that a female motorcyclist crossed the double yellow line on Bank St. and struck a commercial box truck. The rider was wearing a helmet, but died at the hospital from her injuries. 

On Friday night, another deadly motorcycle accident happened in East Haven and took the life of a 29-year-old. Police said two motorcycles were driving westbound on Route 80 and collided with a car going in the opposite direction. 

There is still no word on what caused these crashes, but experts said that riders and drivers share the responsibility on the road. 

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