Texas Insurance Specialist Shows How to Lower Monthly Insurance Premium
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Katy, TX, August 29, 2012 –(PR.com)– Texas insurance specialist, Insurance Agency Texas (http://insuranceagencytexas.com) says most area residents can lower their monthly insurance premiums up to 30% easily if they will follow a few simple steps.

Frank Hursh, owner of Katy, TX based Insurance Agency Texas said these steps will help lower premiums for home owner policies, auto insurance, boat, farm, motorcycle, marine or any other types of insurance.

“These steps are so simple it amazes me that more Texans are not taking advantage of them. If they realize how much money they could be saving every month, they will follow them immediately,” Hursh said in his office earlier today.

Frank Hursh has been in the Texas insurance business for over two decades.

He said the first thing residents need to do is maximize their discounts.

“That is the first thing they must do. Residents need to make sure they are getting all the discounts they are entitled to. Most people do not pay attention or ask questions. They just assume they are getting the best deal. They may not and unless they ask questions, they may be leaving money on the table,” Hursh said.

He added that there are available discounts based on age, profession, academic performance for teenagers and many more. “Most insurance companies are happy to give…………… continues on Live Insurance News

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