The minimum wage debate through the eyes of self-made laundromat owner
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Marc Tavakoli has all the classic trappings of accomplishment: A law degree from Columbia University, stints at Manhattan law firms, a Beverly Grove penthouse apartment two floors up from a pop singer.

He only hoped for such a comfortable existence expanding up. His immigrant parents, prior to breaking into the middle and upper classes, earned paychecks so tiny that Burger King seemed like a luxury.

These days, Tavakoli manages his family’s Los Angeles real estate holdings. His most up-to-date venture, Desi’s laundromat in the working-class Pico Union neighborhood, serves as a continual reminder of these tougher instances.

The struggles of his employees and customers echo his days as a latchkey kid, clothed in his cousins’ hand-me-downs. But his family’s self-produced wealth makes him keenly conscious of the possibilities afforded by difficult perform. He understands the pressures of poverty &#8212 but also the pathways out.

It really is an emotional and intellectual dilemma for Tavakoli, one particular produced particularly poignant by the citywide debate more than Mayor Eric Garcetti’s strategy to raise L.A.’s minimum wage to $ 13.25 an hour from a statewide floor of $ 9.

&quotWe’re the American dream,” Tavakoli said. &quotI have a lot of sympathy for people today who are struggling to make a living and suppo…………… continues on Macro Insider

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