Third Army promotes motorcycle safety with rally
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There’s something liberating about riding a motorcycle for Third Army Capt. Karlyn Maschhoff, an Army chaplain, especially after returning from deployment. When she hits the road on her 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster, she said the ride is equally as exciting as it is calming.

But getting back on the road isn’t always – as they say – like riding a bike. Brushing up on safety procedures and making sure your gear and bike are in good shape can take some time, more so for those who have been halfway around the world for a few months.

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(Update) Helicopter, SPD Monitoring Motorcyclist In “Vehicle Pursuit”, Part of …
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Editor’s note: Earlier tonight we brought you the story of a motorcyclist being tracked through Springfield by land and air. Greene Co. Dispatch says this technique of monitoring by air is part of a safety project called “Operation Safe Ride” which is a campaign to get motorcyclists to slowdown and obey traffic laws. We will bring you more on this campaign, the previous story is below.

Springfield — Springfield Police have been monitoring a motorcyclist in what Greene Co. Dispatch is calling a “vehicle pursuit”.
While police in cars are being told to keep their distance and are not “chasing or pursuing the vehicle” the motorcyclist is being monitored by helicopter and constant updates are being given on the the motorcyclists location as they drive through Springfield.

The motorcycle itself does not have license plates begging the question of whether or not the vehicle was stolen.

The motorcyclist has gone through several red lights through major intersections and has been all over town in at times passing Battlefield Mall and going as far north as Kearney and Kansas Expressway.

Dispatch says for now they are unclear about what initiated the concern over this particular motorcyclist. We are monitoring this and have a crew out in the city and we will keep you updated as we get more details.

Update: Greene Co Dispatch says SPD lost sight of the…………… continues on

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