Traffic Talk quick hits: What are the no-fault consequences of modifying a moped?
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This is probably not the safest configuration for your next moped outing.

My column a few weeks ago on Michigan laws regarding moped use has prompted an interesting take on the subject from the team at Michigan Auto Law.

The gist of it is this: For people who modify their mopeds to exceed the as-defined-by-law speed capability of 30 mph, there are serious implications regarding Michigan’s no-fault insurance law.

Attorney Steven Gursten writes:

If a moped is modified to go fast enough to qualify as a motorcycle, but the owner of the “moped-turned-motorcycle” doesn’t insure it as a motorcycle by purchasing mandatory motorcycle insurance, then, in the event of a crash with a car or truck, the owner of the “moped-turned-motorcycle” will be disqualified from receiving Michigan No-Fault benefits. This is because the owner is now operating an uninsured motorcycle.

Serious injury is always a disaster personally. But if you are found to be driving a moped/motorcycle without the required insurance, i…………… continues on

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By Henry Passenger
Staff Writer
Just for the record: I am not a biker nor have I ever ridden a motorcycle. The closest I ever came was a small French motorized bicycle to ease my daily 3 1/2-mile commute to work.
The instant response to Gov. Snyder’s signing of the motorcycle helmet repeal a few days ago was astounding. We live on a busy street and have our share of bikers vying for road space with the trucks, boomboxes on wheels rattling our windows, ambulances, police and fire vehicles. And the bikers have shed their headgear.
If a biker wants to make the decision to go helmetless, that’s fine with me (though I question his/her wisdom).
There are three qualifications that must be met (operator and passengers) to be helmet-f…………… continues on Tuscola Today

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