WFPD Motorcycles Getting Cameras
News from KFDX:

New cameras for the Wichita Falls Police Department will help them protect and serve.

Patrol cars currently have cameras in them, 9 of them are getting replaced with updated models, while motorcycles will be getting cameras for the first time.

Currently under Texas law, the cycles only have to have digital recorders but the WFPD feels the technology is advanced enough to add the cameras onto the bikes.

WFPD Chief Manuel Borrego says now is a good time to add the cameras because of recent events, like those in Ferguson.

“I think initially when this started, people were weary of what was the real purpose of it, you know? But i think as times gone, we’ve seen. There’s a lot of good reasoning to have these,” says Chief Borrego.

Chief Borrego says the cameras will also help with evidence collection and identifying subjects.

Buying the 9 in- car cameras and 6- motorcycle cameras will cost 70-thousand dollars.

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